Gongs and Chakras is an original approach developed by Noa Blass. It provides us with the tools to discover the creative essence that lurks in our subconscious. It is then possible to access unconscious sources of energy and thus boost our joie de vivre and our creativity.

Gongs and Chakras teaches us to get closer, through deep meditation, to the complex symbols of the Chakras (originating in Laya Yoga), to the symbols and letters of Kabbalah, and to the meditations of Tibetan Buddhism. They are accompanied by the intuitive play of gongs and bells (Nada Yoga). It is in the combination of these three learnings that the originality of Noa Blass's contribution lies, who realized that a whole is better than the sum of its parts.

The intuitive play of gongs and bells, combined with deep meditation, creates a body-mind experience in which the participant feels the sound in their body. Each of the gongs we use has its own characteristics, which vibrate and vibrate different parts of the body, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

This body-mind experience marks a separation between everyday life and the inner components of the soul, as well as between inner and outer reality. It creates a feeling of deep relaxation, inner peace and well-being.

Through the vibrations of gongs and bells, as well as by the acquisition of a new symbolic language, Gongs and Chakras stimulates the conscience and awakens it to the various blockages and conflicts that can inhabit us, as well as to the creative challenges allowing to answer the questions of life. Gongs and Chakra