Are you ready ?


To discover the creative essence hidden in your subconscious ?

To obtain better balance between body, emotion, intellect and spirituality?

To experience an abundant reality, an expansion of consciousness as well as deep sense of joy, meaning and connection to your inner voice?


Shifra Sluchin  will do her best to help and provide effective tools to enhance creativity and well being.

Shifra, Noa Blass’s close friend and loyal disciple, is an accomplished musician; the artistic director of EMuNa, and a spiritual teacher. She works in Paris and in Tel Aviv with individuals and groups.

Her work summons up the ancient symbols of Hindu chakras, the Sephirot of the Kabbala and Buddhist meditation. This interior and profound journey is intensified by rich, enveloping, primordial sounds of gongs and bells.


Through Shifra’s unique use of Gongs and chakras or Yoga of Sound, we will find our way to :

Experience a profound but joyful time of work, play and spontaneity – no need to retreat from the world or seek over-sized gurus.


If you are ready to change, contact Shifra to learn how the sounds of gongs and meditation on the chakras can enrich your life.